Writer’s Oblivion


I recently wrote on what I miss about Weightlifting. In that post, I discuss how important it is to let go sometimes. When you lose yourself in the moment of competition; in the moment of a big lift, everything is clear in your mind. Yet, you notice nothing around you. You are completely oblivious.

In writing, too, I have realized it takes this transcendental state to really focus; to really lose yourself. It’s almost like zoning out, knowing that you will come back with a great idea to elaborate through writing. We all know training the mind is important, so why not use this to your advantage? It is in our oblivity where we can sometimes come out ahead. n

Experiencing writer’s block? Let your mind wander for a minute. Come back and see what happens. My guess is that it will be a positive outcome. 

On another note, remaining calm in a storm of worries that consist of everyday life will keep you on a successful path. If you remain oblivious to those things that you don’t need to worry about to begin with, you are less likely to waste time and energy and focus on what is truly crucial to your success and happiness.

Fo’ get ’bout it! 🙂


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