Why I Write: For the Love of the Game?


It’s important to reevaluate, from time-to-time, WHAT you are doing and WHY you are doing it. I’ve written in the past about The Power of Words and the Importance of Writing in Strength and Conditioning. You can check out the posts to know exactly how I feel about writing, although I’m sure you’ll get the message in this post as well.

The Nature of the Beast

What I see happening is a huge explosion of strength and conditioning blogs. This is a claymore of a double-edged sword if I’ve ever seen one. Yes, it is good to see more people embracing their creative side. Although, these blogs are written by so called “experts” that can’t write a sentence to save their lives. It sometimes amuses me to read these posts. It’s as if they just simply copy and pasted material from a health and fitness forum (by the way, don’t even get me started on those!).

I am absolutely for the Freedom of Speech and definitely for writing. However, there comes a point when there has to be a reason to their writings and why they publish their content. If it is to make money; sorry, “bro,” but nobody is going to frequent your site if your information can’t hold a candle to…well, anything.

If you’re writing for more of a personal reason, or for one of sharing, good on you. Maybe you need some direction. Hell, maybe I need some direction. In fact, I do. I’m open to help AT ALL TIMES. But, please, no negativity…nobody needs that shit (pssst…see what I did there? :))

quil pen

My Reasons for Writing

  • It’s Fun

– Yes, it really is once you get into it. Especially when you feel that you have some relative skill for writing. Notice I said relative…everything has relevance to something else, does it not? If you enjoy writing, compare how you currently are to that of the past. I’m sure you will find you’ve improved at some rate, which leads us to the next point.

  • Practice Makes You Better

– Believe it or not, writing is a skill; a craft, if you will. The more you write, and the more often you write, the better you become. Not only do you become better at discerning how to put together sentences, but you also grow your vocabulary. Do you think I used “discerning” a few years ago when I wrote? Probably not; case-in-point.

  • Pulling Together Thoughts

– Writing helps you Integrate Thoughts togetherIf nothing else, it helps you determine if your thought process on certain subjects are flawed and whether or not you must visit your opinion on the matter again. A good thing about learning is that you can always change your mind. It’s not against the law. Writing helps that process as well.

  • Sharing

– I use writing as an outlet for sharing my thoughts and opinions about topics in which I’m interested. I’m not looking to make money with my writings. I simply love to write. In fact, I would not mind if there was not a single reader of any of these posts. It’s true, I share on social media. Again, I’m just trying to spread the word; mostly about how amazing the strength and conditioning profession really has become. On another note, some may have noticed that I go awhile between posts sometimes. That’s because of a few different reasons, but mostly because I feel that the content on which I write should represent the highest quality that I can provide. I’m not just going to write for the sake of writing, which is another thing that seems to happen these days; content that is frequently poorly written. No, I WILL NOT take part in such tomfoolery!

  • This is me, This is WHO I am

– Most importantly, I write because it is a huge part of who I am. In an alternate world I probably would have become a journalism major. I love the thought of getting a story or a thought and just running all over the page with it.

This is my game; this is my jam. What’s yours?


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