Road to the 2015 American Open: Competition Week


This road to the 2015 American Open has not been an easy one. I’m sure you could tell from the lack of posts in the last few months. I cannot believe I’ve been so far behind on my training log! My apologies…it’s been a crazy last 10 weeks or so since my last training log[…]


Road to the 2015 American Open: Week 4, Days 1&2


I’ve returned from my work trip/vacation in Orlando. Sounds rough, right? Well, it was for my training. I had to train at a Gold’s gym while I was there…and that was rough. It’s been awhile since I’ve trained where people have no clue what they’re doing and still get training tips out of magazines. I’m[…]


Road to the 2015 American Open: Week 2, Day 4


This road I’m taking to the 2015 American Open is not an easy one, but I think I’m headed in the right direction. Yesterday was a great day of training. Things seem to be coming together! I clean and jerked 110kg for two singles, which is the most I’ve successfully lifted in over a year.[…]


Road to the American Open: Week 2, Day 1


Last week took more out of me than I thought, so today wasn’t a great day. I just got my phone this afternoon, so I didn’t get HRV scores this morning, but I will start them back up tomorrow. I’m also using an app called Sleep Cycle Alarm, which I will start posting scores for[…]


Road to the American Open: Take 4 & 5


I’ve had to work a clinic the last couple days, so that is why I’m posting the last two training days of the week. Unfortunately, my phone got screwed and I’m waiting for a replacement, so I wasn’t able to get the HRV recordings for the last few days. Felt fairly good overall for the[…]


The Basics are Boring…


…said nobody, ever; or at least they shouldn’t be saying that if they have. The basics are the furthest from boring in my mind. Yes, they are frequently used, but that’s because they work! Major movements like the back squat, deadlift, bench press, strict press (military), clean, and snatch are the foundations of every program. These[…]

coach what you know

Coaching What You Know


I should mention that the post below is being written past 8pm and my brain is running on auto-pilot. It may not make any sense, or it may be of Pulitzer potential. Enjoy 🙂 There are many methods that coaches can use to train their athletes. Along with these methods come a myriad of combinations/variables[…]

How to: Program a Yearly Training Plan


This is the first article in a “how to” series I decided to start. Hopefully I can hammer one out bi-weekly to share with everyone, but I’m not great with hammers ;), so we’ll see what I can do. Maybe I can get some tips from Luigi   In this first installment I will be[…]

New Methods = New Observations


After reading Bret Contreras’ article on John Broz’s training philosophy, I decided I would use some of these methods for my own training and see what progress there was to be made. I should note what exactly I’m doing, as I’m not following this philosophy 100%. I tweaked it to meet my specific needs. I[…]