“Core” Training


Below is an article I wrote for an assignment when I was an intern at the Olympic Training Center. I should note that I hate the term “core” and prefer to use “trunk,” but I’m going with the crowd for the sake of the article. Training Contradictions There are a few contradictory methods on training[…]

I Love Deadlifts

6 Errors and Corrections in Deadlift Technique


Seasoned athletes have no problem moving in certain ways, whether on the field/court or in the weightroom; but many things can go wrong with the movements of younger, less experienced athletes. We often hear the word “corrective movement” and think about things like the Functional Movement Screen, but that is not what I am referring[…]


Question Everything


Question Everything I truly believe, more than ever, that you should question everything that you read and hear these days. There is too much information to not do so. This is especially true in this profession, where there are firm beliefs that have stood the test of time, yet do not hold any water to[…]

New Methods = New Observations


After reading Bret Contreras’ article on John Broz’s training philosophy, I decided I would use some of these methods for my own training and see what progress there was to be made. I should note what exactly I’m doing, as I’m not following this philosophy 100%. I tweaked it to meet my specific needs. I[…]