Road to the American Open: Take 4 & 5


I’ve had to work a clinic the last couple days, so that is why I’m posting the last two training days of the week. Unfortunately, my phone got screwed and I’m waiting for a replacement, so I wasn’t able to get the HRV recordings for the last few days. Felt fairly good overall for the last two days of the training week, though. Below are days 4 and 5. I should mention that I had to train at 6am for these sessions due to the clinic that I was working. I’m used to training around 12pm, so the weights felt a little heavier than they should have otherwise.

Training Day 4 (3/27/15)

Snatch Pull (AK): 60×5, 70×4, 80×3, 85x2x3

Clean and Jerk: 60x2x3, 70×3, 82.5×3, 97.5x3x2

Hang Snatch (MT): 40×3, 55×3, 60×3, 65×3

Front Squat: 60×5, 90×5, 97.5×5, 105x2x5

AK=above the knee; MT=mid-thigh

Training Day 5 (3/28/15)

This day was an extra, unplanned day. I was feeling good and had to be in the gym early in the morning anyway, so why not train, right? I didn’t try to push the weight in this session. Again, it didn’t feel as good that early as it would have if it was around my normal training time. I just used this session to bump up my training volume/frequency for the week.

Note: The back squat sets were all performed with about 60 seconds rest between each set. I did this as a way to hopefully increase work capacity (how much work I can perform in a certain amount of time), conditioning, and hypertrophy (muscle growth).

Push Press: 50×4, 70×3, 70×4, 80x2x3

Back Squat: 70×5, 85×5, 100×3, 110×3, 120×2, 100×10

DB RDL: 65#x12, 90#x3x10

Cable Rope Pull-Throughs: 65#x2x15

Back Hypers: 55#x10,15


I’m feeling good for next week. It will be my last full week of training before I have to leave for a week-long work trip/vacation in Orlando. I will do my best to find time for training, but it’s usually hard to train on these trips, especially after a full day of running around the conference. I need to do some research into gyms in the area as well, but should be able to find something. The positive is that, if all goes well this week, I’ll need a recovery week next week anyway.

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