Road to the 2015 American Open: Week 4, Days 1&2


I’ve returned from my work trip/vacation in Orlando. Sounds rough, right? Well, it was for my training. I had to train at a Gold’s gym while I was there…and that was rough. It’s been awhile since I’ve trained where people have no clue what they’re doing and still get training tips out of magazines. I’m used to being around coaches and athletes who are training for elite performance, not where they can train and tan at virtually the same time.

Needless to say, my training was not up to par last week. Although, I did back squat a double at 315, which I haven’t touched in quite some time. My hips paid a price from the travel, as I had expected they would. I’m still a little tight, but they’re starting to loosen up.

I contacted Paul Fleschler, one of the best weightlifting coaches around and former USA national coach, to ask if I can train with him and he accepted. I will begin training with his team tomorrow and I’m pumped! I’ve never trained consistently with a full team and feel this, plus Paul’s coaching, will help tremendously in my journey to qualifying for the American Open.

Day 1 (4/13/15)

Bodyweight: 178.0

HRV: 94.2

Readiness Score: 10/10

Power Snatch: 40x2x2, 50x2x2, 60x4x2

Snatch RDL: 69x2x5, 80×5, 110x5x2

BHN Snatch Press: 50×5, 55×3, 60x3x3, 69×1


Day 2 (4/14/15)

Bodyweight: 178.0

Hours of sleep (night of 4/13): 6 hours 35 minutes

Sleep Cycle Score: 68% (based off of “best night” of sleep as 100%)

HRV: 88.2

Readiness Score: 10/10

Session 1

Back Squat: 60x2x10

Power Clean: 60x2x2, 75×3, 80×2, 90x4x2

Clean RDL: 105×5, 115x2x3, 127.5x2x3

Press: 52.5×5, 57.5x2x5, 62.5×5

NG Pull-ups: 8, 25kgx2x5

Session 2 (@ Home)

Back Squat: 60×8, 90×5, 110×5, 119x2x3, 110x2x2, 90×3 <–Pause

I was supposed to go up to 130 for a few triples, but just wasn’t feeling great. I feel this won’t be an issue as my work capacity increases. I’ll report back in a couple days with day 3 & 4!

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