Road to the 2015 American Open: Week 2, Day 4


This road I’m taking to the 2015 American Open is not an easy one, but I think I’m headed in the right direction. Yesterday was a great day of training. Things seem to be coming together! I clean and jerked 110kg for two singles, which is the most I’ve successfully lifted in over a year. I’ve been trying to add some body weight as well and, so far, it is slowly climbing. I’ll start recording that for you all to see, too. I mentioned the sleep cycle app and will include that in today’s post. Keep training hard!

Here’s my second single at 110kg

Day 4 (4/2/15)

Hours of Sleep (night of 4/1): 7 hours 16 minutes

Sleep Cycle Score: 72% (based off of “best night” of sleep as 100%)

HRV: 89.4

Readiness Score: 10/10

Snatch Pull (AK): 60x2x3, 77.5×3, 80×3, 87.5x3x2

Clean & Jerk: 60×3, 70×2, 80×2, 90×2, 100×2, 107.5×2, 110x2x1

Hang Snatch (MT): 40×3, 55×3, 62.5×2, 67.5x2x2

Front Squat: 60×6, 90×3, 102.5×2, 122.5×2, 127.5x3x1

Back Hypers: (DB) 55#x3x10

I may have one more training day before I have to leave for Orlando for the NSCA’s TSAC conference. I’ll be there for a whole week because we decided to stay a couple extra days and go to Harry Potter World! Yes, I’m a dork 😎

I’m planning on finding a gym while I’m down there but, if I can’t, I may have to settle for hotel gyms. Gross, right?!!

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