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Recently I attended a strength clinic at Denison University. One of the speakers I had the opportunity to listen to was Joe Hashey, CSCS. Joe is the owner of Synergy Athletics, and a very knowledgeable businessman as well. He relayed some very good marketing strategies as part of his presentation. I would like to share one that really hit home with me, which I am currently working on putting into play.

Joe calls this method the Expert Sniper. It involves reaching out to local high school athletic directors and offering to provide your services in performance testing for either a reasonable price, or for free, to get your name out there. It is also great for gathering contact information from all the athletes that would participate. This way, once the testing is completed, you can contact the participants, coaches, and athletic directors with their results and add in information about your performance program. Hopefully they would take interest in what they experienced from your services and either request more information, or actually sign up to train with you.

There it is, short and to the point! I hope this sparks some marketing ideas for all of you. Joe certainly helped get the ball rolling in my head!

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