Day in the Life


In case you all were wondering what goes on in my day-to-day activities, I’m going to tell you. And, if you don’t really care, I’m going to tell you anyway!

The alarm clock is screaming at me! Ok, ok, I’ll get up! I’m normally a morning person, but the last few months I’ve had some trouble getting out of bed…even with my regular sleep patterns, which are good. I grab my training bag and laptop (for reading articles and such during downtime throughout the day) and head out the door. I can usually be out the door within 10-15 minutes of waking.

I get to work (times vary based on client scheduling) and either start training clients or get to the articles full of knowledge waiting to be crammed into my head. Monday – Friday I train two groups of athletes for an hour and a half each; The first at 10:30am and the second at 4pm. Usually after the first session I’ll train myself. Then, if I have any personal clients scheduled, I’ll train them. I also run a kettlebell class for an hour at 6pm every Monday.

After my work is finished for the day I drive home and devour some food. Not sure if I mentioned it yet, but I’m a huge advocate of intermittent fasting. I usually never eat anything (except a scoop of whey after training) until I get home for the day. I’ll generally have two meals between 7pm-11pm. These meals follow the guidelines of the Paleo diet (meat, fish, eggs, nuts, no dairy, no grains, fruit, vegetables).

I’ll read some more articles or whatever non-related training book I might be in at the time, or I’ll be lazy and watch some TV shows. It just depends on how much I did during the day. Then it’s off to bed around midnight for a good night’s sleep.

That’s my typical day! Now, don’t believe for a second that I don’t go out and have some fun every once in awhile! I like to go out sometimes and catch a ray or two of sun to help my pasty-white complexion.

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