Doug Berninger

Shit, I’m 30!


Though, I feel the same as when I was in my early 20s. Actually, maybe even better now that I know more about training and don’t crush myself in every session. I’ve also realized it’s important to have a conditioning session every now and then. Anyway, seems like everyone is doing one of these lists[…]


What I Would Tell My High School Self


As we all do, I sometimes wonder would I would do differently if I could travel into the past when I was still in high school. What would I tell myself if I had a conversation with the younger Doug? Well, here are some of the things I decided I would say… Work Harder at[…]


On Being Superhuman


You simply do not want it. What is being a superhuman, exactly? In my opinion, aside from really wanting all the Marvel and DC superheroes to be real, being superhuman is to be an athlete at the highest level. We’re talking World Championships and Olympics. You may think this would be awesome, especially when you[…]