Are You Changing the World, or is the World Changing You?


As in every profession, strength and conditioning is including more technology every day. If you’re one that doesn’t like to be lazy or wants to keep their job, for that matter, I think it’s important to at least have a good understanding of what’s out there and why it’s used. My question to you today; are you changing the world, or is the world changing you? Think about it.

If you’re at a major university or private facility, you may have access to some of this new technology. Are you using this to change your world (your coaching, your programs, your athletes training/adaptation), or is it changing without you taking the time to capitalize on it? Are you accepting of this change, or are you hesitant? Resistant?

Even as a younger coach, I admit, I haven’t been doing the best to keep up with the technology. That happens to be one of my goals for this year; apart from having my USA Judo athletes dominate the scene, but I digress :). Here, sitting next to me, is a copy of Joel Jamieson’s The Ultimate Guide to HRV Training. I plan on reading this if, for nothing else, just to understand the concept of HRV a little better. After all, the informed seem to make better decisions, right?

In a future post I’ll lay out a list of all the technologies that I’ve been looking into lately. Change your world; change theirs!


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