130kg Clean and Jerk

Qualifying for the 2015 American Open


I qualified for the 2015 American Open yesterday! This has been my goal, not just for this year, but since I started competing in weightlifting. I still cannot believe that I did it. I feel like I’m still in shock. Honestly, it could not have went any better. However, I should turn back the clock[…]


Why Coaching Foreign Athletes Will Make You a Better Coach


This week we have a group of strength professionals (strength coaches, personal trainers, and students) from NSCA Japan visiting us to take part in a mentorship program. As part of this program, myself and other staff members present to them in the classroom and weightroom. Many of them hardly speak any English, so they have[…]

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“Grounded” Relationship


No, I’m not going to talk about anything related to relationships with your significant other. What I am going to discuss is the relationship needed with the ground, itself. This is extremely important in any ground-based movement, as this relationship is what propels the body into movement. Newton’s Third Law becomes the gold standard to[…]


Comparing “Toughness” in Sport


This topic comes up quite often in daily discussions between athletes and coaches. It has always interested me to hear different viewpoints on the subject because there are so many. Of course there will be biases toward whatever type of sport that person is involved. Psychological vs. Physical We examine separate qualities of toughness instead of[…]


Staff Bonding


It’s very interesting for me to hear about the interactions of coworkers in other professions. To me, strength and conditioning staff become much more like family. We work long hours together; train together; eat together; and go to conferences together. We probably get to know each other much better than most coworkers do from other[…]

The Coach-Athlete Relationship


Lately I’ve been paying more attention to how I handle the relationships I have with my athletes; keeping it professional, of course. I have never realized just how important a good relationship can impact performance. When I was younger I just thought the athlete came in, trained hard, and left. Nothing else was needed. No[…]

Great Podcast! Check it out!

Positive Values and Peer Groups


Having positive peer groups are important! Lately, I’ve been listening to a new Podcast, Inside the Champions Mind, on my way to work in the mornings. In a recent episode, they discussed developing values and having positive peer groups. Below are some thoughts… Developing your values has a major impact on your life. If we[…]

Longevity and YOU!


Going through life, one tends to sometimes think of what steps are supposed to be taken. Many are on the path to college; get an advanced degree; get a job; start a family; try to be healthy; and hit that big retirement that will take them to their wildest dreams. REAL Training and the 4-Hour[…]

Act Now!

Intention vs. Action: My Experience Shared


For a very long time I was one of those people that intended to do many things, but let them go by the wayside. I “intended” on playing football in middle school…I lasted maybe two practices. It’s unfortunate too because I played the last two years of high school, only to find out I was[…]