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How are You Making a Difference?


Sometimes it’s hard to see if you have truly made a difference on a young person’s life. In all professions we have a chance to make that impact. For strength coaches it may be increasing athlete poundages or, in the case of Weightlifting, totals. Although, I’ve noticed something different lately that has stood out as[…]


What are You Really Training?


When we train we adapt specifically to that training demand; sound familiar? Yes, that’s right! The S.A.I.D. principle; Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands. Now, most of the time I think of parameters like load (intensity) and repetitions (volume), or the combination of both (volume load), which is ultimately what the body “feels.” Volume load is[…]


The Ability to Move…


Movement is a skill, an ability. Are you able to move well? Do you move often? Yes, I’m referring to Gray Cook’s famous quote, “move well, move often.” However, I wanted to touch on something that most people don’t really discuss. That is, not just having the movement capability, or possessing the ability to move[…]