Road to the American Open: Take 4 & 5


I’ve had to work a clinic the last couple days, so that is why I’m posting the last two training days of the week. Unfortunately, my phone got screwed and I’m waiting for a replacement, so I wasn’t able to get the HRV recordings for the last few days. Felt fairly good overall for the[…]


The Basics are Boring…


…said nobody, ever; or at least they shouldn’t be saying that if they have. The basics are the furthest from boring in my mind. Yes, they are frequently used, but that’s because they work! Major movements like the back squat, deadlift, bench press, strict press (military), clean, and snatch are the foundations of every program. These[…]


Road to the 2015 American Open: Take 3


Today’s training wasn’t great, but not awful. Kind of a middle-of-the-road training session. I missed a couple of my snatch attempts at my top weight, which shouldn’t have happened, but such is life. Move on and live to train another day. Below are my numbers for today’s training. I am going to start adding more[…]


Road to the 2015 American Open: Take 2


Today’s training went well. It was a lighter day, overall, compared to yesterday. I’ve written recently about the changes I’ve made that I feel will allow me to progress better than I ever have before. One of the biggest changes was including Joel Jamieson’s BioForce HRV into my training (and the training of my athletes).[…]


Road to the 2015 American Open: Take 1


I’m currently training to qualify for the American Open, which is something I’ve always wanted to do; qualify, that is. I’ve come close in the past, but never quite made it. I think my current numbers stack up around the following; although, I have not tested my lifts for some time now. Current Bodyweight: 78.6kg[…]


Visualization of a Weightlifter


I’ve been here before. This place, this sanctuary of mine; not your typical sanctuary, though, I’m not your typical person to feel such a way about such a place. As you enter, you get a feeling and understanding of calm aggression. Opposing as these two emotions may be, one must recognize and admire both qualities[…]

The Olympic Lifts: Whole or Part?


When trying to learn the full movements, is is better to go right to doing the full lifts, or use progressions to get there? This question is often debated in strength circles. I believe there are a few arguments to be stated on either side. Using Full Lifts (Whole Method) I believe this argument has[…]

Creating Athletic Power without using Olympic Lifts


This installment is brought to you courtesy of Daniel Meinz, one of our interns at the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Power Quest In the quest to optimize power production in athletes and clients, it is common for strength and conditioning coaches to utilize variations of the two Olympic weightlifting exercises: the Snatch and Clean[…]