Shit, I’m 30!


Though, I feel the same as when I was in my early 20s. Actually, maybe even better now that I know more about training and don’t crush myself in every session. I’ve also realized it’s important to have a conditioning session every now and then. Anyway, seems like everyone is doing one of these lists when the big 3-0 comes around, so why not do one, too.

Here’s a quick and dirty list (in no particular order because my thoughts never are) of my thoughts as I begin to enter another decade of LIFE.

1. Hi, my name is Doug. I’m no longer (as much of) an introvert.

I remember the first time I had to speak in front of a group of people; it was Public Speaking 101. Needless to say it didn’t go over very well. I was sweating, extremely nervous, and my face was completely red. Fast-forward to today where I’ve presented at two national-level conferences and three state clinics (including the one I’m slated to speak at next week). Basically, anything is truly possible if I was able to make it this far in front of people.


2. I still love training as much as I did when I started at 16.

Lifting is life to me. Once a session has started, everything else just drifts away for awhile and all that’s left is the weight.

3. I have one of the best professions(period)

Strength and conditioning; quite the profession, but one that many misunderstand time-and-again. I am able to improve performance and build the character of the people I work with in multiple ways on a daily basis. How cool is that? Extremely.

4. Family is evermore important

The growing importance of family had never hit me so hard as when I moved away for college. I haven’t really been home since and always feel that piece has been missing. Unfortunately, jobs in said strength and conditioning profession are hard to come by….even with good experience.

5. My friends are awesome

I knew after graduating high school that there may be some friends that I would lose touch with, but others would remain for life. I continue to remain in touch with these high school friends, though many people still think that it’s hard to do so. My advice; don’t listen to the naysayers…oh, wait, that was Arnold. Just call your good friends like I do 😉

6. “Life is like a box of chocolates”

Or, put another way, “variety is the spice of life.” I’m beginning to see that there is another world out there beyond the four corners of a weightlifting platform. Though, it is very scary to me, I think I’ll explore it more than I have in the past decade.

7. Still not good to eat the yellow snow

I only put this in here because everyone should know this by 30. Not that I have taken part in this but, still, don’t do it.

8. Don’t touch that!

My dad used to tell me this all the time; along with “will you stop that!” (because I would always do beatboxing-type sounds while he worked on stuff in the house). To this day I like buttons. Not the kind on your shirt, but the kind you can press. Oh yeah, you know what I mean. It’s like the elevator scene in Elf. ‘nuf said!

9. Handiness needs to be my thing

My dad can pretty much do anything related to fixing a house. I know how to hammer stuff 🙂

I really need to improve these skills, so that’s a huge goal for the next 10 years.

10. Did I mention….

I still can’t grow a beard. Sometimes this actually causes me sadness. Though, I suppose it’s better than when I was 25 and still being mistaken for 18.

me and jules

11. Relationships come first

When I first started getting into my career….no, let’s scratch that…when I first started college I focused on studies. That lasted through those 4 years and into my Master’s and, admittedly, sometimes I still struggle with this “concept,” but I’ve been getting much better in this category.

12. I still love to sing…

…though, now, I don’t mind doing it in public. Let’s karaoke!

13. Still trying to pick up new skills

You know, idle hands and all that jazz. No, not jazz hands; that’s a readily available skill 🙂 The last few years I’ve been up and down in the consistency of practicing the guitar. Hopefully I can actually learn to play well in my 30s. I’ll update you on my 40th.

14. I’m getting older

And, apparently, there’s nothing I can do about it…except lift more weights!

15. While “cardio” is important…

…it’s not absolutely necessary for heart health in the traditional sense of movement. Think about it for a second; people who are currently in their 70s-80s or older lived in a generation where they probably had manual labor growing up. Movement is key to health, so working in this way helped them stay healthy and have good heart health as well. They didn’t know what “exercise” was in the sense of the word today where people purposely make a plan to do physical activity. They just had their work to do and that was it.

So, if you hate running, biking, or any other common types of conditioning, just pick some other lighter activity that you do enjoy, and move continuously for an extended period of time. Works just as well to help your heart health.

Well, that’s it for now…come back in another thirty years 😉

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