Road to the American Open: Week 2, Day 1


Last week took more out of me than I thought, so today wasn’t a great day. I just got my phone this afternoon, so I didn’t get HRV scores this morning, but I will start them back up tomorrow. I’m also using an app called Sleep Cycle Alarm, which I will start posting scores for as well. The more data we have, the easier we can look into what is driving training in the positive, or negative, direction. This allows us to determine what variables need to be changed.

Note: I started today with two sets of light back squats for a warm-up. This took place after a general warm-up and it’s something I got from my friend, Matt Wenning. He uses a lot of accessory and major movements, depending on what day it is and how he is feeling, for his warm-ups. I believe he uses something like 1-2 exercises with 2-3 sets of anywhere from 10-25 reps. Of course, he worked up to the volume of warm-ups he uses today. He didn’t start this protocol on day one. This is a great way to get the joints lubricated and musculature warm for the major movements that will be performed for that day.

Today’s Training

Back Squat: 60x2x15

Power Snatch: 40×3, 50×3, 55×3, 60x2x2, 65x3x2

Snatch RDL: 80x2x4, 90×3, 100×3

Snatch Press: 45×3, 60x2x3

Front Squat: 60×5, 90×3, 105x2x3, 110x3x2 (supposed to do another 3×1@117kg, but my back was acting up)

NG Pull-ups: Bwtx12, 45#x3, 55#x3, 65#x2

A1) Glute-Ham Sit-ups: 20, 10#x2x10

A2) Side Plank (R only): 2x20sec.


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