Road to the 2015 American Open: Week 2, Day 2&3


I may start posting two training days at a time like this to save some time. Plus, it probably saves all of you time as well to read two days in one post. You’re welcome 🙂

My phone is back to working, so I have some HRV scores for you. I am also tracking bar velocity for the main movements like snatches, cleans, and squats. Velocity-based training is becoming more prevalent and I may start to play around with programming/tracking progress by way of bar velocity instead of traditional methods (percentage-based training, etc.). A great tool I’m using for this is called PUSH, which is an app and online-based program for tracking bar velocity and programming online. It’s a great app and quick to use; I definitely recommend checking into it more.

Note: When you see a weight followed by parentheses, the number in the parentheses is the bar speed for the fastest recorded rep. This is measured in meters per second (m/s).

Training Day 2 (3/31/15)

HRV: 84.8

Readiness Score: 10/10

Power Clean: 50×3, 60×3, 69×3, 74×2, 85x3x2

Clean RDL: 105×5, 115×3, 130×3

Press: 50×5, 59×3, 70x3x2

Front Squat: 70×5, 99×5, 110×3, 115x2x3 <–wore belt on last set b/c of back

BB Row: 50×8, 90x3x5

Training Day 3 (4/1/15)

HRV: 83.8

Readiness Score: 10/10

Back Squat: 135#x12,15

Snatch: 40×3(1.24), 50×3(1.1), 62.5×3(1.02), 67.5×3(1.0), 77.5x2x3(.93), 82.5×1(.91), 87.5×1(1.05)

Hang Clean Pull (AK): 100×3, 105×3, 110x2x3

DB “Bulgarian” Squat: 70#x5,3,3

Rope Pull-ups: Bwtx8

Seated Cable Row: 75#x2x10

Half-kneeling Pallof Press: 15#x2x5 <–used light weight to work on position of lumbopelvic complex

Pball Stir-the-pot: 3×10

This was a pretty good session for the third straight training day. I haven’t pushed this hard in awhile, cumulatively speaking. I was supposed to stop snatching with the two triples at 77.5kg, but I felt good enough to test myself a little. The 82.5 and 87.5kg attempts were the most I’ve snatched in over a year and I hit them well. In fact, you can see that the velocity of the 87.5kg attempt was faster than the 62.5kg attempts. I guess I was amped to be snatching that heavy…and maybe my technique was spot on for that attempt. Who knows; I’m not going to question it, anyway. I didn’t get video of the 87.5, but I did get the 82.5kg Snatch

Not the greatest I’ve had, but my technique is coming back. I can start to feel the fluidity of the movement as I once did and my feet are faster than they were even just a month ago. All good things! Stay tuned! More to come!

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