Road to the 2015 American Open: Take 3


Today’s training wasn’t great, but not awful. Kind of a middle-of-the-road training session. I missed a couple of my snatch attempts at my top weight, which shouldn’t have happened, but such is life. Move on and live to train another day. Below are my numbers for today’s training. I am going to start adding more from the monitoring side as well.

Today’s Training

HRV: 85.3

Readiness Score: 10/10

Snatch: 40×3, 50×3, 60×3, 67.5×3, 72.5×2, 77.5×1/2,1/2 <–missed 1 of 2 in each set

Block Clean Pulls (AK): 70×5, 85×5, 100×5, 110x2x5, 120×5

DB “Bulgarian” Squats: 60#x4x5

A1) Rope Pull-ups: Bwtx3x5

A2) Seated Cable Row: 60#x15, 70#x2x10

B1) Pball Stir-the-pot: 3×10 each way

B2) Glute Bridge w/ MB Adduction: 2×10 second iso hold


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