Road to the 2015 American Open: Take 2


Today’s training went well. It was a lighter day, overall, compared to yesterday. I’ve written recently about the changes I’ve made that I feel will allow me to progress better than I ever have before. One of the biggest changes was including Joel Jamieson’s BioForce HRV into my training (and the training of my athletes).

If you’re not familiar with HRV, it is essentially technology that is similar to a heart rate band, except it gives you a much better picture of the way you are adapting to training. In short, it measures the time between the R-R interval that you see within the QRS wave on an EKG readout in a set period of time. For the BioForce system, this time is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. That’s all the time it takes to find how you are adapting to training. I recommend looking into his system. I’ve found it to be extremely beneficial.

Today’s Training

HRV: 83.2

Readiness Score: 10/10

Power Cleans: 60×3, 70×3, 80x2x3

Clean RDL: 100×5, 110×4, 127.5×4, 132.5×3

Press: 60×4, 65×4, 70x2x2

Front Squat: 90×5, 110x2x3, 115x2x2

Glute-Ham Raise: 30#x3x5

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