Road to the 2015 American Open: Take 1


I’m currently training to qualify for the American Open, which is something I’ve always wanted to do; qualify, that is. I’ve come close in the past, but never quite made it. I think my current numbers stack up around the following; although, I have not tested my lifts for some time now.

Current Bodyweight: 78.6kg

Competition Bodyweight: 77kg

Snatch: 85-90kg

Clean & Jerk: 110-115kg

Back Squat: 145-155kg

Front Squat: 125-135kg

Press: 85-90kg

These, of course, are just estimates; I will be testing them shortly. I did back squat 122.5kg for 3 sets of 5 today with no real problems. My main focus is to stay healthy as I get closer to qualifying numbers. My best ever total in the 77kg class is 225kg; it always seems like I get injured in some way when I get close to these numbers. I’ve learned a few things in the last 4 years since I could hit these numbers and I’m ready to bust ass to accomplish this goal.

I need to make a 232kg total, so I’m thinking my best shot is a 102kg snatch and 130kg clean and jerk. My best separate competition lifts (not performed in the same meet) are a 101kg snatch and 125kg clean and jerk, so I believe these numbers are feasible.

I plan on posting my training days at least every other day. Please, let me know if anyone reading has any suggestions if you see anything in my training that may be better.

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