Road to the 2015 American Open: Game Day, Take 1


I competed at the 2015 Rocky Mountain State Games Weightlifting meet on Saturday in hopes of qualifying for the American Open only to fall a little short. However, I will say that I am not that disappointed because, as I mentioned in my previous post, my last few weeks of training had been riddled with travel, several missed sessions, and achy knees that have kept me from squatting (which we all know is fairly integral in any weightlifting program).

I opened with 90kg in the snatch and proceeded to nail 94kg and 98kg. I think I played it a little too safe and had to play catch-up in the clean and jerk portion. You’ll see in the video that I had at least 100kg in me, if not more. This would have gave me a little more leeway in my clean and jerk attempts. I ended up performing at about the highest level I have ever done in the clean and jerk, hitting 125kg, 128kg, and cleaning 132kg, which was 4kg more than I had ever attempted, only to miss the jerk. All-in-all it was my best meet yet and I definitely have more in the tank.

The Roger DeGarmo Memorial will be October 3rd and I have my eyes set on qualifying there. I will qualify!

Enjoy the videos!

I definitely cannot leave out the fact that one of my best friends and first lifter to officially compete for my club, Monumental Strength, qualified for the American Open in this meet. Check out his HUGE 17kg competition PR snatch below that got him there! Way to go, Toshi!



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