Revisiting Old Information



I’d like to call myself an avid reader, unfortunately I pale in comparison to myself even a few years ago. We all get busy with work and exciting new events in our lives. I’m not trying to make excuses, but I am 😉

I feel that it is important to read what has already been read from time to time. Even though some may feel that this is a waste of time, I feel that we are always growing and adapting to the stimuli and people around us. So, with that, you may have had completely new experiences since the last time you read over specific articles or books. With this new information, you may be able to interpret the information in a new light; maybe look at it from a different angle.

A light bulb goes off all of a sudden! You’ve used some of the new information gained since last reading book X to come up with new methods to use the same information that’s already been read. This is why there are very, very successful people in all professions that re-read books every year. We all must admit that we don’t retain nearly as much information as we would like. This is a way to continuously take away new information from the same sources over-and-over again.

Read. Retain. Apply. Repeat. 🙂


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