Flow State: Turn Your Mind Off


Thoughtlessness. Complete darkness. Just go; just do it. That’s what top athletes try to do in their top performances. Many call it “flow state.” I love TED talks, so here is one on the flow state. I think he can explain it a little better 😉

In this state you are just there; being, breathing, living. Doing what you do best with no interruptions. I wrote something awhile back on a similar state in weightlifting. This is what I need to get back to in my own performance.

Lately, I’ve been having a really hard time shutting off and just doing, you know? Just lifting. Letting the thousands of reps that have come before lead into the next; trusting my previously ingrained motor patterns. The days where I can turn off are money. Seriously some of the best training days are the ones where I’m not thinking so much.

When I enter flow state there is this void. I feel completely at ease and confident in my performance; my movement and strength. As I set up for a lift on the competition platform, everything goes away. I don’t notice the judges in front of me. There are no people in the stands. It’s just me and the bar.

I have my last heavy training day today before my meet next weekend. I think I won’t be thinking much today…hopefully 😀

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