2015 Year in Review


I realize that most of you reading this won’t care to read much further, but writing (typing?) this will help me in recalling my 2015 experiences.

This past year has been quite a whirlwind adventure, so try and stay with me!

1. My Gym is Nearly Complete!



2. I Started Training for Weightlifting Again


3. Went With Friends to Universal Theme Parks


4. Played With My Dog (Frequently)


Dallas with his little elephant...before "the incident."

Dallas with his little elephant…before “the incident.”

















5. I Continued to Get Stronger

PR Jerk from blocks @ 145kg

PR Jerk from blocks @ 145kg

6. Went on a Whirlwind CO Trip

Hanging Lake in July

Hanging Lake in July

7. We Saw Ed Sheeran at Red Rocks!

Ed Sheeran Red Rocks concert in July

Ed Sheeran Red Rocks concert in July

8. One of My Best Friends Got Hitched!

Paul got married!

Paul got married!

9. Still Playing with Dallas










10. Competed in a Few Meets and Qualified/Competed at AO!

11. Made a Visit to Boston/Cape Cod and Got Engaged!


12. Went to See City and Colour


13. Attended the IWF World Championships!










14. I am Officially a Published Author!


15. Had a Great Christmas with Julie











Well, there is my 2015 in pictures. I figure, since pictures are worth 1,000 words, I don’t really have to write much for this post. Here’s to 2016!

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