Doug Berninger

Shit, I’m 30!


Though, I feel the same as when I was in my early 20s. Actually, maybe even better now that I know more about training and don’t crush myself in every session. I’ve also realized it’s important to have a conditioning session every now and then. Anyway, seems like everyone is doing one of these lists[…]

130kg Clean and Jerk

Qualifying for the 2015 American Open


I qualified for the 2015 American Open yesterday! This has been my goal, not just for this year, but since I started competing in weightlifting. I still cannot believe that I did it. I feel like I’m still in shock. Honestly, it could not have went any better. However, I should turn back the clock[…]

flow state

Flow State: Turn Your Mind Off


Thoughtlessness. Complete darkness. Just go; just do it. That’s what top athletes try to do in their top performances. Many call it “flow state.” I love TED talks, so here is one on the flow state. I think he can explain it a little better 😉 In this state you are just there; being, breathing,[…]


The Differences in States of Human Functioning


What are the differences in states of human functioning? Intrigued by the title? Yeah, it is pretty catchy. I was thinking of writing on this topic for awhile now. A few weeks ago I stood behind our counter at work, staring at some people training; just wondering what the hell they were trying to accomplish with[…]


Thinking of Entrepreneur Ideas


Lately I’ve been thinking more and more on running my own business and what entrepreneur ideas are good, and which ones are just plain bad. I’ve researched on the web, listened to podcasts (which I’ll tell you about in a later post), talked with friends, and more. So far I’ve come up empty handed. Why[…]


Why Coaching Foreign Athletes Will Make You a Better Coach


This week we have a group of strength professionals (strength coaches, personal trainers, and students) from NSCA Japan visiting us to take part in a mentorship program. As part of this program, myself and other staff members present to them in the classroom and weightroom. Many of them hardly speak any English, so they have[…]


Why Upper Body Pulls May be Making Your Shoulder Pain Worse


This is not going to be an exhaustive anatomy post on the shoulder. What it hopefully will be is a light bulb for you in correcting your shoulder pain. Speaking of light bulbs, I had one go on the other day as I was training. I am very strong overhead, like most weightlifters, but my[…]

Down the road

How are You Making a Difference?


Sometimes it’s hard to see if you have truly made a difference on a young person’s life. In all professions we have a chance to make that impact. For strength coaches it may be increasing athlete poundages or, in the case of Weightlifting, totals. Although, I’ve noticed something different lately that has stood out as[…]