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The Clean Volume Concept

Top 50 Articles of 2010

Top 10 Articles: Louie Simmons

Top 10 Articles: Chad Waterbury

Detraining Time frames

65 Ways to be Elite

Cultivating an Atmosphere for Success

10 More Little Known Exercises for Strength and Size (Lower Body)

10 Unconventional Upper Body Exercises for Strength and Size

Top 10 Traits of a Successful Fitness Professional

Core Values

Tightening up the Ship

Training the Obese or Overweight Client

10 Reasons Why Exercise IS Medicine

The Cause of Achy Joints

10 Commandments of Athletic Development

Eleven Tips for Career Success

Applying the Hierarchy of Knowledge

How Much Can the CNS Handle?

Steve Jobs Quotes Applied to Weightlifting

Attitude Determines your Altitude

39 Ways to NOT be Like Everyone Else



How to Foam Roll Like a Pro

Efficiency in Movement

Guide to Movement Assessment: Part 1

Guide to Movement Assessment: Part 2

Training Rotational Movement Patterns

Is Your Warm-up Based on Goals?

Guessing, not assessing?

Mobility Matters 

Fillers: Pairing Strength with Mobility

How Much Mobility Do You Need?


Zen Mind, Big Snatch: Part I

Zen Mind, Big Snatch: Part II


How to Squat 

The Squat

Deep Knee Bends

Easier Doesn’t Work

The New Science on Squatting

Understanding Compression…

Max Out Every Day

Observations from Squatting Daily

Squat and Sprint

Foot Positions in the Squat


How to Deadlift

The Deadlift

Deadlift 5 Plates Like a Champion

Twelve Weeks to a Better Deadlift

Before You Deadlift

Partial Movement Training

DLs and Disc Herniations – Part 1

DLs and Disc Herniations – Part 2

DLs and Disc Herniations – Part 3

Correcting Bad Posture: Are Deadlifts Enough?

Pick Your DL Poison

Tips You May Have Never Heard Before

Much Ado About Deadlifting

Helpful Hints

101 Ways to Be F*ckin EPIC

Want to be a Personal Trainer or Strength Coach? Start Here.

Top 10 Fitness Myths

How to Write Fitness Blog Posts

7 Steps for Attacking Continuing Education in the Fitness Industry

The Confidence Switch

The Adrenal Fatigue Cure

Bulletproof Your Body

How to Establish Your Fees

Muscle Cramps?

Mixed Fitness Artists

A Recipe for Discipline

How Strong are Your Glutes? 

40 Years of Insight: Part 1 

40 Years of Insight: Part 2 

How to be Successful in the S&C Field 

Know When to Walk Away

30 Lessons in 30 Years

30 Lessons in 30 Years (Part 2)

The 12 Rules I live by (What are Yours?)

30 Years, 30 Health and Fitness Tips

30 Years, 30 Health and Fitness Tips (Part 2)

30 Years, 30 Health and Fitness Tips (Part 3)


Proper Back Position for Power

The Metabolic Swing

A Kettlebell Coaching Session



12 Ways to Improve Recovery

Essentials to Foam Rolling

Overtraining: Myths, Facts, and Fantasies

Thank God it’s Deload Week

Training Methods

Accommodating Resistance

Origin of the Juggernaut Method

The Return of German Volume Training

Five Loading Protocols That Suck

Functional Muscle

Building the Supersoldier

Bodyweight 101 

Training Speed to get Strong 

Circuit Training Methods

Rotating Your Lifts for New Levels of Strength

One-Drop Method


Connecting with Young Athletes



Metabolic Workouts for Fat Loss: A Waste of Time?

Hill Sprints 101


Experiments with Intermittent Fasting

Explosive Nutrition: Part I

Safe Eggs

The Cheat Meal Manifesto

A Metabolic Paradigm Shift…

Poliquin’s Top 10 Carb Intake Rules…

Got Beef?

The Leangains Guide

Fats Made Simple

40 Nutrition Tips YOU Can Learn From a Bodybuilder

Core Training

21st Century Core Training



Why Stretching May be Bad…

To Stretch or Not: Hip Flexors

To Stretch or Not: Hip Flexors (Part 2)


17 Rules to Live By

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them 100% of the Time

Program Design

3 Keys to Successfully Pairing Exercises

Mass Made Simple

Injury Prevention                                                                                                        

Long Live the Overhead Press

Shoulder Health Guide

21 Exercises for Injury-Free Mass


Coaching Cues: The Science and Application

10 Things Elite Coaches Do (and 6 Things They Read)






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